Each one of our dancers works very hard to be able to give the audience a great experience. Want to know exactly how hard they work? Get acquainted with them! You can sponsor one of these talented and dedicated artists while becoming an active part of the supportive Minneapolis ballet community. Your gift maintains the company, enables dancers to keep creating art, and designates you as a VIP at all our shows and rehearsals. Before you make your decision, allow us to introduce you to our company of talented ballet dancers by clicking here.


  • Invitations to exclusive events, meet and mingle with the dancers
  • Advanced notice of casting to cheer on your Sponsored Dancer on stage
  • On-going updates about your Sponsored Dancer throughout the season
  • Program recognition alongside your Sponsored Dancer’s headshot
  • Recognition on your Sponsored Dancer’s biography

Let us know which dancer(s) you would like to help to get to the next level..!