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Required Classroom Materials


Each student will be required to have Technical Manual and Dictionary of Classical Ballet by Gail Grant.

The Dictionary can be purchased through Minneapolis Ballet School or it can be bought online.


The students are required to carry a journal, students may use any type of notebook or journal. It is required to be brought with them to each ballet class. In this notebook they will be writing down ballet vocabulary words along with their corrections they receive in each class. They also will be required to practice these corrections.

Level 1 15 minutes per week

Level 2 30 minutes per week

Level 3 45 minutes per week

Level 4 1 hour per week

You will need to sign off as a witness to their practice time. This practice time has to be accomplished by the end of each week. It will be double checked to make sure they have a signature and our teachers will sign off on this time as well. Please feel free to use these journals as inspiration as well. They are welcome to cut out and glue pictures of their favorite dancers on the cover, or anything else that may inspire them to grow as a dancer.